Senate overrides Obama 9/11 veto in overwhelming vote | TheHill

9/11 families win right to sue Saudi Arabia. Not a single Democrat comes to Obama’s support.

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The Senate on Wednesday voted to override President Obama’s veto of a bill that would allow the families of 9/11 victims sue Saudi Arabia, striking a blow to the president on foreign policy months before he leaves office.

The 97-1 vote marks the first time the Senate has mustered enough support to overrule Obama’s veto pen.Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was the sole vote to sustain Obama’s veto. Not a single Democrat came to the Senate floor before the vote to argue in favor of Obama’s position.

Lawmakers don’t want to be seen as soft on punishing terrorist sponsors a few weeks before the election, at a time when voters are increasingly worried about radical Islamic terrorism in the wake of recent attacks in Manhattan, Minnesota and Orlando, Fla.

Source: Senate overrides Obama 9/11 veto in overwhelming vote | TheHill

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6 thoughts on “Senate overrides Obama 9/11 veto in overwhelming vote | TheHill

  1. Good news on one hand. The unseen Hand is the one that holds the key to the truth that Israel and the Necoons executed 9-11 . The overwhelming bipartisan support for the override is proof that what these corrupt politicians fear is the real truth, and a desire by the Zionist Cabal to deflect their own culpability and pin it on the Saudis. In reality the Saudis masterminded nothing, they are the patsies,.the Oswalds,.the scapegoats.


  2. Who in our Congress has the fortitude and integrity to introduce a bill allowing families of 9-11 victims to sue the masterminds of the false flag attack, e.g. the CIA and MOSSAD ? This whole charade is designed to put the issue to rest. It will not stand. The twin towers and building 7 were brought down by controlled demolitions, planned and executed by the Zionist Cabal to unleash the Rockefeller plan to destroy the Islamic nations in the middle east, as a pretext for universal war profiteering and to secure a surveillance police state across America and Europe. The numerous false flag attacks and shootings in Europe and America are ” booster shots” to further inoculate the public against the disease of the TRUTH. The ultimate goal is PAX JUDAICA and the formation of “GREATER ISRAEL”.


  3. Obama claims it sets a precedent (at the moment Americans aren’t allowed to sue foreign governments in court) for foreigners to sue – in their own courts – US troops and private contractors for their terrorist activities overseas.


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