The oil industry has scarpered to Taranaki for their annual conference and it’s our job to disrupt it. Join The People’s Climate Rally: New Plymouth, Taranaki on 21st – 23rd March 2017.

The ‘People’s Climate Rally’ at the 2017 Petroleum Conference in Taranaki will include peaceful protest, workshops and entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds who support a world without fossil fuels.Every year at its annual conference in Auckland or Wellington, the oil industry has faced growing opposition. In March 2016, over 200 people blockaded the conference and shut it down for several hours through peaceful civil disobedience. Let’s make 2017 the biggest showdown yet.Now they’ve run, but they can’t hide. Just as no one can hide from climate change – the oil industry cannot hide from the global movement that intends to make sure that this is the generation that ends oil.
The ‘People’s Climate Rally’ is being organised by Taranaki locals and other groups working on climate change, fracking, oil and gas drilling, and social justice. Organising groups include Climate Justice Taranaki, Frack Free, Oil Free Wellington, Greenpeace and 350 Aotearoa. 

Canada’s tar sand oil is incredibly expensive to extract. Unlike conventional oil drilling, or even drilling in shale, producing from oil sands is more like open-pit mining. The oil, often found as a sticky, viscous semi-solid known as bitumen, requires extra steps to extract and process before it can be shipped. With the low price per barrel of conventional oil, costly tar sands oil has no hope of competing. The goal of the Keystone Oil Pipeline was to transport tar sands oil from Alberta to a Koch brothers refinery in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Canada?s oil sands could struggle to rebound, with potentially billions of barrels of oil being kept underground permanently.

Canada?s oil sands are incredibly expensive, some of the costliest sources of oil in the world. Unlike conventional oil drilling, or even drilling in shale, producing from oil sands is more like open-pit mining in many cases. The oil, often found as a sticky, viscous semi-solid known as bitumen, requires extra steps to extract and process before it can be shipped. That stands in stark contrast to conventional oil, which merely requires drilling into an oil field and pumping out the crude.

As a result, the breakeven cost for Canada?s oil sands is dramatically higher than most other places in the world. Obviously, costs vary from company to company and project to project, but a 2016 estimate from IHS put the average breakeven price at a new…

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By Roger Stone

On February 6, 2017 the White House reported that President Trump was announcing the designation of a Presidential Delegation to the Republic of Haiti to attend the Inauguration of His Excellency Jovenel Moise on February 7, 2017 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Sounds like a joyous situation, a celebration of forward movement, a new beginning for the hurricane ravaged Haitians. It wasn’t. It was the opposite. The movement wasn’t forward, it was backward. It wasn’t a new beginning, rather a continuation of hopelessness. Why? The Clintons. “No, not them again!”

With very little main stream media covering the plight of Haiti in the last 20 years, it’s understandable that most Americans know little or nothing about the relationship between Haiti and the United States. An earthquake in 2010 was well known, not well remembered. A recent hurricane in October 2016 might have garnered some attention, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Let’s go back, just a little, just enough to refresh the reader’s memory.

After eight years of Obama and now a new unsoiled president in office, how in the world could the Clintons be involved in Haitian politics? Well, we all know the Clintons are masters of media and financial manipulation. Most of us by now admit to the Clintons rampant, insatiable greed. They rank right up there with the Shah of Iran, President Marcos and his wife of the Philippines, and Bernie Madoff, in America. The Clintons deserve their own episode of American Greed. Better yet, their compulsive greed is so monstrous; they deserve to have their own season!

Let’s talk about Haiti. It’s a dirt poor Island country with more than its fair share of major disasters. There was the earthquake of 2010 which practically leveled the entire country and more recently, in October 2016, a hurricane which left at least 1000 people dead and thousands more homeless without food or water. If that weren’t bad enough, the Haitian people have been continually victimized, brutalized, plundered, and robbed by a series of corrupt leaders who deal in drugs, child trafficking, fear, violence, oppression, and murder to stay in power. Haiti is absolutely the most pitiful and hopeless place to live or be born into. Yet the Haitian people are resolute and unwilling to lay down and die. They have been forced to capitulate to fraudulent election results allowing a line of corrupt presidents and the Americans who finance them, to continue to plunder the coffers so desperately needed but always just out of reach. The last “president” of Haiti and the new “president” have one undeniable link: The Clinton criminal empire.


Here in the United States, we care about countries suffering from devastation. It’s part of the American way to help countries devastated by natural disasters. An example of this altruistic behavior can be found when the United States came to the rescue during the worst famine in history. The year was 1921, the country was Russia, and the famine had so far killed 4 million people. Four million people had starved to death and millions more were going to die if someone didn’t do something to help. That’s when America shines. That’s why the world, or most of it, looks up to us as their protector. That someone was future president Herbert Hoover. Hoover had formed the American Relief Administration to help victims of starvation after World War 1. Hoover’s ARA mounted the biggest food relief program in the history of the world and for two years he kept the food coming to all parts of Russia saving millions of lives. In fact Hoover saved more lives than any other man or woman in history. That’s what the United States does. Right?

One could say that this is what the United States used to do. But so much has changed. It seems that one country’s natural disaster is another country’s financial boom. Let me put it more simply; the disasters that have reduced Haiti to rubble became the financial windfall for the Clintons. When a country is down and bleeding, when its people are faced with starvation, homelessness, destitute poverty, death, and living conditions that make a Nazi concentration camp look acceptable, that is the time my friends, to come in and control and divert most of the financial aid intended to relieve the suffering of those poor wretches. With millions upon millions of dollars donated for Haitian relief, as little as 1% made it to Haitians. This is what the Clinton’s have done and successfully I might add.

Why is this important now when we no longer have Clintons in office, when we have a new president? Because the election of Jovenel Moise as president in November 2016 was the result of massive fraud and a continuation of the Clinton agenda. Jovenel Moise is the latest president supported and placed on the throne by the Clinton machine. Let’s look at some of the players in this tragedy.


Jovenel Moise- current president of Haiti elected November 2016 under rampant voter fraud, violence at the polls, and bribery. Moise is under investigation for money laundering. He’s known for friendship with criminal gangster and death squad leader Guy Phillipe, who is now under arrest on U.S. drug charges. He is handpicked by the previous president Michel Martelly.

Michel Martelly- President of Haiti from 2011 to 2016, also known as “sweet Mickey” because he was a pop star in Haiti. Martelly became president after Hillary Clinton flew down from United States and intervened in the election. In 2011, Rene Preval was the outgoing president and it was during that election that the two top candidates were deadlocked and unable to go on to the final round of voting. The two top candidates were former first Lady of Haiti Mirlande Manigat and Preval backed candidate Jude Celestin. Election results showed Manigat placing first and Celestin second. The Organization of American States (OAS) sampled ballots and placed Michel Martelly in second place. Hillary Clinton flew down and pressured President Preval to drop Celestin from the race and declare Martelly as second place candidate. What followed was a massive electoral fraud resulting in the election of Mickey Martelly, thanks to Hillary Clinton and her State Department. Martelly remained in office for 5 years without holding promised elections. . .

Source: Will Trump let the Clintons’ rape of Haiti continue?

Confirmation of Google’s links to the CIA – something many of us have suspected all along. I find it interesting that NaturalNews isn’t being censored by the Google NZ domain – apparently this is only happening in the US.



(Natural News) One of the fascinating things that’s happening as a side effect of Natural News being blacklisted by Google is that thousands of people are contacting us with information about the hidden history of Google. As we are coming to discover, Google isn’t an innocent, friendly search engine created to help humanity… it’s actually an extension of the deep state that seeks to dominate and enslave all of humanity.

The following full article was originally published by Insurge Intelligence at this link. It’s part of a crowd-funded investigative journalism project which seeks to question the true history behind some of the most powerful forces in our society.

This article will shock you, just as it shocked me. (And I’m hard to shock, as I’ve seen almost everything you can imagine as a trailblazer of free thinking and free speech.) Read this article, learn what…

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Source: Forbes

Jobs. That is what the marijuana industry hopes will keep the Trump administration from cracking down on cannabis companies.

A new report from New Frontier Data projects that by 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs. This is more than the expected jobs from manufacturing, utilities or even government jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS says that by 2024 manufacturing jobs are expected to decline by 814,000, utilities will lose 47,000 jobs and government jobs will decline by 383,000. This dovetails with data that suggests the fastest-growing industries are all healthcare related.

The legal cannabis market was worth an estimated $7.2 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17%. Medical marijuana sales are projected to grow from $4.7 billion in 2016 to $13.3 billion in 2020. Adult recreational sales are estimated to jump from $2.6 billion in 2016 to $11.2 billion by 2020.

New Frontier bases these projections on the markets that have already passed such legal initiatives and don’t include additional states that could come on board by 2020. Currently there are 25 states with some form of legalized medical marijuana and seven states have legalized recreational marijuana laws that are in various stages of being implemented.

“These numbers confirm that cannabis is a major economic driver and job-creation engine for the U.S. economy,” said Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, Founder and CEO of New Frontier Data. “While we see a potential drop in total number of U.S. jobs created in 2017, as reported by Kiplinger, as well as an overall expected drop in GDP growth, the cannabis industry continues to be a positive contributing factor to growth at a time of potential decline. We expect the cannabis industry’s growth to be slowed down to some degree in the next three to five years, however with projected total market sales to exceed $24 billion by 2025, and the possibility of almost 300,000 jobs by 2020, it remains a positive economic force in the U.S.”

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Source: Marijuana Industry Projected To Create More Jobs Than Manufacturing By 2020

Photo credit: A7nubis via Wikimedia Commons


Since nearly all the non-profits mentioned in this article are supported by CIA-funded left gatekeeping foundations, the CIA effectively controls both the right and the left in the US.

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Reflections on the Overthrow of Communism

Michael Parenti (2009)

Michael Parenti maintains that the Soviet Union didn’t collapse of its own accord in 1991 – that it was overthrown by the US and their allies.  He details the US-backed coup undertaken by Boris Yeltsin’s in 1993 when the Russian parliament refused to approve his extreme market-based reforms. Parenti also discusses the extreme misery Wall Street elites and the State Department inflicted on the Russian people in the effort (prior to Putin’s rise to power) to transform their country into a third world sweatshop. He highlights the massive increase in gang inequality and crime, and the increase in gender inequality (as the right to maternity leave, day care, divorce and abortion were stripped from the Russian constitution), sexual harassment, domestic violence and murder of women by their husbands.

The US Left’s Virulent Anticommunism

Parenti freely acknowledges that Soviet citizens sacrificed civil liberties for economic democracy, ie a society in which all citizens are  lifted out of poverty and enjoy free health care and education, subsidized housing and public transport and an absolute guarantee against brutal exploitation. He contrasts this with life in the US, where working people enjoy neither economic democracy nor civil liberties. He’s also scathingly critical of the American left (he mentions Noam Chomsky by name), which is much more virulently anti-communist than their right wing counterparts.

He goes on to detail serious weaknesses of the Soviet system, which he believes contributed to its demise. Overall he feels the Soviet economic system suffered from an absence of independent analysis. While Karl Marx offers a thorough critique of capitalism, he has no counterpart to critique the socialist/communist model.

The Human Nature Debate

Where Parenti and I part company is is contention that “pure socialism” (ie total abolition of the state) is impossible. He makes the argument that if workers run everything, it’s impossible to accumulate enough surplus value to finance an army to 1) to break the stranglehold of the capitalist class and 2) to defend against counter-revolution. He also maintains a state is necessary to protect against the greedy, acquisitive nature of human beings.

These views are also contradicted by decades of sociological research that human beings (like all primates) are hard wired to be social animals and naturally inclined towards cooperation and interdependence (see Human Nature: Cultural or Genetic. There is also strong evidence that much of the greed and antisocial behavior that characterizes the capitalist system stems from traumatic child rearing styles.