The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes NATO’s ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters

How the NATO “White Helmets” promoted by the western media are used to advance the US propaganda war in Syria.

Counter Information

Global Research, September 24, 2016
21st Century Wire 23 September 2016

I am a director not only of a Syrian Civil Defence Unit, but of brave human beings, volunteers who risk their lives, despite the terrorism that is invading Syria, to maintain security for Syria. I give thanks from my heart for the courage of my men who have lost their comrades in terrorist attacks but they keep working despite the risks. They are true soldiers, their equipment and their spirit are their only weapons ~ Director of Tartous’ REAL Syria Civil Defence

Did I hear a pin drop?  The real Syria Civil Defence? Are the west’s iconized ‘White Helmets’ not the only emergency first-responders inside Syria?

For the REAL Syria Civil Defence you call 113 inside Syria.  There is no public number for the White Helmets.  Why not? Why does this multi-million dollar US &…

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12 thoughts on “The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes NATO’s ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters

            • I must apologize if this is offensive to believers in Judaism or inappropriate in this post. I also must clarify my position as Anti Zionist, not Anti-Semitic, and narrow the statement to ..Zionist Bankers and criminal elements control America and Europe, and are attempting to conquer the world . The New World Order is the manifestation of this infiltration and entrenched political corruption and social demoralization.


            • According to my reckoning the non-Jewish billionaires and sociopaths far outnumber the Jewish ones. In my experience, greed exists across all religions and ethnicities. By blaming it on a single group, you let the others off the hook .Even more ominous is the role the powers that be have always played in promoting this kind of scapegoating to conceal their own guilt.

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              • Yes scapegoating has a long history, it would be interesting to see a list of AMERICA’S billionaires and power elite, what industries they exploit and their families’ interelationships. It appears perhaps superficially that there is an extremely disproportionate number of Jews in Banking, stock markets, finqnce, high ranking members of armed services administration, the media and pharmaceutical corporations. This minority religio-ethnicity has a history of infiltrating and subverting governments and entire populations to their covert political agendas and cultural abnormalities. Drugs, porn, gambling, white slavery and prostitution


                • Historically many European countries banned people of Jewish ethnicity from owning land and many occupations. In many countries, the only occupations open to them were in banking and trade. From what I see, this landscape has totally changed with them being granted full civil liberties and especially with intermarriage and the general trend towards secularizastion. I keep careful track of the world’s billionaires and the majority, believe me, are WASPs.

                  The US has a particularly strong history of anti-semitism – in Maryland, for example, Jews were denied the vote until 1820 – as well as scapegoating numerous other minorities (Irish, Italians, blacks, Arabs) to distract attention from the crimes of the ruling oligarchy.

                  This seemed to die down after World War II – despite the efforts of Henry Ford and other prominent anti-semites.

                  During the 1960s and 1970s, there was a resurgence of anti-semitism mainly in the black community thanks to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (which both received funding and other support from the FBI). I belonged to several civil rights groups in the 1990s in which federal agents would infiltrate our meetings and circulate the Protocols of Zion (which is a forgery by the way) among our young people.

                  I have always been very skeptical of the Wall Street oligarchy’s skill in getting us fighting among each other instead of fighting them. Their arguments are crafted psychologically to be extremely seductive, but I think we need to learn to resist them.


                  • I defer to your superior intellect. In this regard the Jews are again being scapegoated effectively, albeit at a price they willingly accept. They are placed in cameo roles where they may be again blamed for their greed and


  1. Too right, Rosaliene. Sometimes I wonder if there were sociopaths before they threw us off our communal lands and started capitalism. When you read about indigenous societies, you occasionally read about sociopathic individuals but they seem to be isolated by the community instead of being allowed to run it.


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