SnowShoeFilms 2009 “Wellstone: They Killed Him” Part 1 of 2 – YouTube

The circumstances and cover-up of US Senator Paul Wellstone’s mysterious plane crash.

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US Senator Paul Wellstone was killed when his reelection campaign plane crashed just before landing. The official story of the crash simply does not add up. Witnesses, first-responders and others tell the story the FBI and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) hoped to cover-up. Murder most foul, yet the FBI ruled out foul play before the raging fire was out. The NTSB went along, blaming the crash (eight dead) on the pilots. $25 million was quickly paid out for silence. But the truth will out.

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6 thoughts on “SnowShoeFilms 2009 “Wellstone: They Killed Him” Part 1 of 2 – YouTube

  1. I’ve heard a number of theories, Xena. I think it’s also significant that Wellstone’s death destroyed the Democratic majority in the Senate at the time when George W Bush was breaking international law left and right.


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