Zika: Poisoned Rain Kills Millions Of Bees in South Carolina*

Once the bees go, so do we. They’re essential to fertilize our crops.

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Zika: Poisoned Rain Kills Millions Of Bees in South Carolina*

By Ariana Marisol

South Carolina officials accidentally killed millions of honey bees while attempting to control the supposed local Zika-carrying mosquito population. After using planes to spray parts of land in South Carolina with insecticide, locals are finding millions of dead honey bees throughout the landscape, wiping out businesses and destroying entire colonies.

After four cases of travel-related Zika cases were said to be confirmed in Dorchester County, South Carolina, officials decided to conduct aerial sprays of the pesticide ‘naled’.

From Cornell.edu:

“Naled is one of a class of insecticides referred to as organophosphates. These chemicals act by interfering with the activities of cholinesterase, an enzyme that is essential for the proper working of the nervous systems of both humans and insects

Naled is moderately to highly toxic by ingestion, inhalation and dermal adsorption. Vapors or fumes of naled…

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13 thoughts on “Zika: Poisoned Rain Kills Millions Of Bees in South Carolina*

  1. This is maddening! I have read and posted numerous articles that show Zika to be just another elite psyop, another criminal hoax!

    I wonder what these low-life creatures are going to do when they manage to kill off these wonderful, beneficial and necessary to life insects?

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  2. My first thought to Sojourner’s question was that we’ll create artificial bees and reap a ton of profit, but as jtremaine notes above, we’ve come up with better solutions that will create even more profits.

    We humans will end up killing ourselves with our own smartness.


  3. Rosaliene, it takes millions of bees to pollinate a single almond orchard. There is no possible way any company is going to produce enough bee robots to replace them. This particular Monsanto project is dead in the water.


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