Xi Jinping: Nuclear Weapons Should be Completely Prohibited

Posted: January 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)  welcomes the statement by Chinese President Xi Jinping that “nuclear weapons … should be completely prohibited and destroyed over time to make the world free of them.” President Xi’s remarks, made during a speech on January 18 at the United Nations in Geneva, were consistent with China’s long-standing official support for nuclear disarmament, and come as the UN is preparing to convene negotiations on a new treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. . .

Source: Xi Jinping: Nuclear weapons … should be completely prohibited

  1. Luke'sLadle says:

    Nuclear proliferation is one of the major challenges of our generation. We need more political figures condemning them!

  2. My question is, “How do you destroy nuclear weapons?” And wouldn’t this be too little too late? I mean, once you’ve unleashed the ‘nuclear’ beast, you cannot go back and cage it.

  3. Pass an international law which states nations must eliminate their nuclear weapons or the leader of any nation deciding to retain those useless, horrific, deadly inventions faces the death penalty – and watch how fast nuclear weapons become extinct. Drastic situations, such as the possibility of their use and virtual destruction of human civilization, require drastic solutions. The sacrificing of a handful of lives for the survival of billions and all future generations on Earth seems completely rational and well worth pursuing.

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