Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome*

While medical groups maintain that vaccines have nothing to do with SIDS, independent research and statistical data supports the opposite.

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Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome*

By Michelle Goldstein

Having a new-born baby can and should be a time of tremendous joy for parents. Most parents trust their paediatricians to provide them with guidance and care that is in the best interest of their infants and children. However, when it comes to preventing the tragedy of sudden infant death syndrome, most parents are left with worthless and dangerous advice from the experts, including recommendations to vaccinate, which can actually cause SIDS.

This current state of medical practice is both tragic and criminal. Paediatricians are not evil individuals, but they are greatly misinformed in their training and highly influenced by the pharmaceutical companies.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

According to the Mayo Clinic, sudden infant death syndrome is defined as the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. SIDS is described as crib death…

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4 thoughts on “Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome*

  1. Yes My NEPHEW Is serving life plus 30 years in Florida for murder. His 3.5 lb. preemie son choked on his bottle, ambulance took him to same hospital where only days prior he was given the full series of vaccines. Brogan died of asphyxiation in the care of emergency loproom doctors, actually in his father’s arms, the doctors said to say goodby, he cannot survive or breath on his own, UNBELIEVABLE !. The coroner later reversed the death certificate and called it murder after autopsy showed a fractured skull. There were no signs of any trauma or abuse My nephew was convicted by a 6 man jury after a highly inflammatory prosecutor told jury there was no other explanation for the death and surmised that the father threw the infant against the wall or otherwise deliberately slammed his head on something hard. BULLS HIT. THERE WAS NO BRUISINY, CUTS OR ANY SIGNS OF ANY ABUSE. IT WAS THE VACCINES ! MY NEPHEW Casey D. Gross had only a public defender, as he was a 20 year old unwed white trash loser like so many Americans without jobs or money for legal defense .


    • Might consider reaching out to Mike Papantonio and/or Robert Kennedy Jr. It couldn’t hurt, and perhaps one of them would find, if unwilling or otherwise unable to put their efforts into your nephew’s case, an attorney willing to engage. Your description of facts suggests there are likely many male or female attorneys who’d enter the legal battle, and finding potential representation is the clear first step toward correcting the injustice. Good luck.

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  2. Two decades ago it was fairly common to blame parents for SIDS deaths – in Europe this trend has been reversed. However the US still seems to be in the dark ages when it comes to medical science. It’s really sad. When I was in Seattle in the 1990s, I had my contract with Child Protective Services ended when I asserted that there was no evidence justifying that a French woman had deliberately assaulted her infant. CPS disliked her intensely because she was vegan – which 20 years ago was viewed as a sign of insanity.


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