Pesticide linked to Parkinson’s disease being sold in US, already banned in Europe

Researchers have been aware for 20 years about the link between paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease. It’s banned in both Europe and China – yet the US continues to use it.


Image: Pesticide linked to Parkinson’s disease being sold in US, already banned in Europe
Vicki Batts
January 20, 2017

Like other pesticides, paraquat has been the subject of controversy for some time now. In Switzerland, for example, the toxic substance has been banned since 1989. The rest of the European Union has followed the Swiss’ lead, including England — even though there is still a factory there where paraquat is manufactured for export. (RELATED: Follow more news headlines on pesticides at

Even China has phased out the use of paraquat. In 2012, the Chinese government announced that the pesticide would no longer be used in order to “safeguard people’s lives.” China is not a nation that is recognized for its environmental protection policies. If they’re concerned about this pesticide, it stands to reason we should be too.

And yet, for some reason, paraquat is still available in the United States — even in spite of the growing body of research…

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2 thoughts on “Pesticide linked to Parkinson’s disease being sold in US, already banned in Europe

  1. In the name of profit, the profiteers and their shareholders plow ahead with no regard for the environment that makes life possible.
    It brings to mind the 2012 sci-fi romance movie, “Perfect Sense,” which depicts the effects of worldwide ecological disaster on the human senses. As we humans gradually lose our scent, taste, hearing, and then sight, we are forced to question our relationships with each other and our way of life. Interestingly, our sense of touch endures.


  2. Mystery writer PD James also published a dystopian novel in 1992 (The Children of Men) about toxic environmental contaminants making it impossible for human beings to reproduce. It all seems to be coming true with the way most common toxins are reducing sperm counts on top of the other health problems they cause.


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