On His Way Out the Door, Obama Bombs Libya One Last Time

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Uncategorized
Global Research, January 20, 2017
Common Dreams 19 January 201


U.S. B-2 war planes bombed two camps in Libya overnight that Pentagon officials claim were housing Islamic State (ISIS) militants, concluding President Barack Obama’s time as commander in chief with another slew of deaths.

More than 80 people were killed at the camps about 25 miles southeast of Sirte, where ISIS fighters fled from last year after attacks by Libyan fighters backed with American air power. The bombing, which was reportedly requested by Libya’s Government of National Accord, comes a month after the U.S. claimed a “successful conclusion to a months-long air campaign against the militant group,” the Guardian notes.

Obama reportedly authorized the strikes earlier this week, without congressional approval. The president committed to giving Libya air support after the U.S.-backed toppling of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. He later said the military’s lack of an action plan for the day after Gaddafi’s ouster was his “worst mistake” as a president. . .

Source: On His Way Out the Door, Obama Bombs Libya One Last Time

  1. Alan Scott says:

    And the US press is turning itself inside out trying to put a positive spin on the “Obama legacy”!

  2. I know, Alan. The US has become totally shameless about all the lies they spin around their chosen puppets. They no longer care if anyone believes them.

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