Trump Must Expose Obama’s Illegal Abuses of Power

Trump needs to open the books to expose how Obama illegal extended his power beyond his constitutional authority.

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Trump Must Expose Obama’s Abuses of Power

President-elect Donald Trump will face pervasive doubts about his legitimacy from the day he takes office.  Trump’s opponents will assert that he is governing in unprecedented and reckless ways.   The best response to that charge is to open the books to reveal how the Obama administration stretched its power far beyond what most Americans realized.

Trump should follow the excellent precedent set by Barack Obama. In 2009, shortly after he took office, Obama released many of the secret Bush administration legal memos that explained why the president was supposedly entitled to order torture, deploy troops in American towns and cities, and ignore the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on warrantless, unreasonable searches.  Those revelations proved that the Bush administration was far more of an elective dictatorship than most people suspected.  The disclosures signaled a new era and…

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2 thoughts on “Trump Must Expose Obama’s Illegal Abuses of Power

  1. Elections in America are a sham and human rights are not the same for everyone. American presidents behave much like emperors, but it seems they think they have to uphold the established power structure and by doing so, they may try to avoid some kind of major chaos . . . The ancient Roman empire did not last forever. Why would the American empire last indefinitely?
    It seems to me, most of today’s rulers still do not want to work for lasting peace among nations. This leads me to ask these questions:
    Can anyone stop the madness of a nuclear war threat?
    And will irreversible pollution on our planet just go on and on?
    I think, to stay sane, we have to hope for a savior. Or what other solution is there?


  2. Very profound analysis, Aunty. I don’t think any politician can save us and it’s a mistake to look for one. I think our only hope is to self-organize and fix things ourselves. That’s what we’re doing here in New Plymouth. As Gandhi said, where the people lead, the leaders will follow.


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