Like Iraq WMD Fiasco, Russia Story Doesn’t Add Up

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Where the hell is the evidence?


Yesterday, President Obama expelled 35 Russian “Operatives” from the Russian Embassy.

Is there any evidence those expelled are “intelligence operatives”? Any hard evidence Russia was behind the Hillary hacks? Any credible evidence that Putin himself is to blame?

The answers are No, No, and No. Yet, once again the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment.

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  2. Hello Stuart, I just came across this book that I had been unaware of and wanted to pass it along in case you haven’t seen it. We’ve both read the Cultural Cold War by Saunders, and this book looks at CIA and Foundation influence in the US in shaping university writing programs. The rabbit hole only gets deeper the closer one looks. I stumbled upon it while do some web research on CIA influence in movies and TV. Just ordered a copy. Warm regards. – Gary

  3. Thanks, Gary. I definitely want to read the book you mention and will track it down.

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