Independent tests on popular cleaning products by Women’s Voices for the Earth revealed many contain cancer causing chemicals not listed on product labels.

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The detergent you’re using may contain hidden cancer-causing chemicals. These include Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)/sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), 1,4-dioxane, NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate, and Phosphates. Many laundry detergent labels state “Free of dyes and perfumes” – which doesn’t mean it’s a natural product and free of carcinogens. Women’s Voices for the Earth, a national environmental group had commissioned independent tests on popular cleaning products.

The tests revealed that many of the products had chemicals linked to reproductive and endocrine disruption, and cancer. What makes it shocking is the fact that these chemicals are absent from product  labels. According to the Organic Consumers Association’s 1,4-Dioxane Facts Sheet, the cumulative effects of 1,4-dioxane exposure, even at very low levels (a few parts per billion) resulted in laboratory animals developing cancer.



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  1. I am not surprised. I’ve read that many of our household cleaning products, detergents, toothpastes, deodorants, health care products and beauty products are filled with toxins which will eventually kill us. Once the body has had its fill of toxins, a toxin overload, so to speak, the body breaks down and unhealthy cells multiply and the immune system which is compromised by all of the toxins we’ve ingested is no match and so the ‘C’ word comes in. It is not a question of if, only a question of when. And the only reason people don’t die of cancer is because a heart attack, diabetes or a stroke gets them first. And I won’t even get into those who die from drug overdoses first.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see how we can protect ourselves from the fact that we have turned this entire planet that was once paradise into a toxic waste dump.

  2. I have to agree, Shelby, it’s extremely hard to protect ourselves. Even if we avoid specific products, there are toxins in the water and air that get eventually get into the food chain, even when we stick to fresh, organically grown food. New Zealand seems to be really bad, owing to decades of toxic spraying with herbicides. A local factory manufactured Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and spewed dioxin and related toxins out there smoke stack for years. A good friend (who was only in her 50s) died of cancer yesterday. It was dreadful. She had just gone into remission from breast cancer when she was diagnosed with untreatable bowel cancer.

    • Dr. Bramhall, that is extremely depressing news at any time, but especially at this time of year for those who are celebrating Christmas to be burying a loved one so young who had fought the good fight only to succumb to it anyway. I keep saying, “If only we had continued to live like those who were at one with the land,” but it is useless because we did not.

      Again, I am so very sorry over the loss of your friend! Take care of yourself, Dr. Bramhall, please!

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