Is the Islamic State a “Geopolitical Tool”? US Looks to Southeast Asia to Unleash Its ISIS-Daesh Hordes

Posted: November 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

US prepares to occupy more of Asia by shifting focus of ISIS false flag operations to Southeast Asia.

Counter Information

Global Research, November 27, 2017

Western think tanks have been increasingly busy cultivating a narrative to explain the sudden and spreading presence of militants linked or fighting under the banner of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) across Southeast Asia.

This narrative – these think tanks would have audiences believe – entails militants fleeing Syria and Iraq, and entrenching themselves amid supposedly sectarian conflicts in Southeast Asia. The think tanks conveniently never mention how tens of thousands of militants are funding the logistical feat required to move them to Southeast Asia or sustain their militant operations in the region once they arrive.

Among these think tanks is the so-called International Crisis Group (ICG). In its report, “Jihadism in southern Thailand – A phantom menace,” it claims:

The decline of the Islamic State (ISIS) and the advent of ISIS-linked violence in South East Asia evince the possibility…

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  1. Schlüter says:

    Near and Middle East are turned into medival fanatism against progressive Arab nationalism and, even more important, shouls serve a a barrier against Eurasian Cooperation!
    „Geo-Politics: The Core of Crisis and Chaos and the Nightmares of the US Power Elite“

  2. Too true, Schluter. I believe it’s a failing strategy, though. The US is so far behind they will never catch up with China’s economy. I think they made a serious strategic error in allowing their manufacturing base to collapse.

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