Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here’s what witnesses say

Posted: September 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

The Los Angeles Times was the only mainstream media outlet that I could find that made any reasonable effort to understand what actually happened in Charlottesville without moralistic grandstanding, and by including the alt-right perspective. Interesting, the Los Angeles Times was the only mainstream media outlet to predict Trump’s electoral victory. The Los Angeles Times has been the only mainstream media outlet that has bothered to ask the question, “What actually happened?” rather than simply spin the “Official Bad People Did Bad Things” party line.

By Matt Pearce

Los Angeles

The clashes that broke out over the weekend at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., have become a new touchstone in the nation’s long-running debate over racism, free speech and violence.

One woman was killed and many more injured when a car, allegedly driven by a rally participant, sped into a crowd of anti-racism protesters. Two state troopers monitoring the action died in a helicopter crash later in the day, though no foul play was suspected.

The event quickly took on enormous political importance as Democrats and Republicans alike denounced the violence and the white supremacist views espoused at the far-right rally. President Trump has also denounced the racist groups, but he suggests that anti-racism counter-demonstrators share some of the blame. On Tuesday, he said “both sides” were responsible for the bloodshed.

Source: Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here’s what witnesses say

  1. Diana Licht says:

    Dear Ms. Bramhall— Dr. James Fetzer’s blog has videos in support of the perspective
    Charlottesville was a false flag. Snc., Diana L.

  2. I am from Virginia and there is nothing abnormal about this. It is just business as usual but since Trump’s descension to the presidency, all of sudden the focus is now on racist ass whites in the south doing what they’ve always done.

    As far as I am concerned, it’s simply a case of ho hum, nothing to see here, move it along. Why focus on this now as if it’s something new?

  3. You raise an interesting point, Shelby. The media never used to cover this bullshit. I believe the reason they do now is their strong links to a CIA/Wall street establishment that wants to embarrass and get rid of Trump. On one level, I think it’s valuable to raise public awareness among so-called “liberals” of what life is really like in the South.

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