Venezuela to Donate $5m to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Posted: September 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Venezuela will work with local officials in Texas and Louisiana to determine how best to distribute the funds. The Foreign Ministry has also offered to send Venezuelan aid workers to the disaster zone, including doctors and emergency personnel. In addition a percentage of all gasoline sales from Citgo will be dedicated to the construction of homes for victims of Hurricane Harvey – Citgo is the US subsidiary of Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA, and is based in Houston.

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(Adrees Latif/Reuters)

(Adrees Latif/Reuters)

Puebla, Mexico, August 31, 2017 ( – Venezuela announced Wednesday it will donate US$5 million to aid recovery efforts in the US states of Texas and Louisiana, which have been battered by the country’s worst hurricane in decades.

“Let’s not allow war or threats to be imposed, but instead let’s impose solidarity. We will always be with the people of the United States and the peoples of the world in difficult times,” Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said.

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  1. Sadly, the Trump/Congress response to Venezuela’s financial gift will likely be cynical or none and, unfortunately, will include no real, sincere expression of appreciation.

    • Good point, Jerry. However I suspect Madura’s trying to score points with the American people and the international community. I suspect he’s given up on Trump – with good reason.

  2. While I find this impressive, should not Venezuela use that money to tackle their own serious problems of a country in crisis?

  3. Shelby, I guess this is what they call the art of diplomacy. $5 million is a drop in the ocean compared to what Venezuela needs – they can easily raise 10 times this amount from the Latin American countries that support them.

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