Homeland Security Pays College Students to Create Extremist Propaganda Games and Videos

Posted: July 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

MassPrivatel | July 27, 2017

According to EdVenture Partners, college students are being paid to create DHS propaganda videos, games and much more.

University students develop and execute campaigns and social media strategies against extremism that are credible,authentic, and believable to their peers and resonate within their communities in partnership with Homeland Security.

Two weeks ago, the University of Maryland won this year’s DHS competition by creating a video game and social media campaign that ‘helps’ people recognize radicalization.

Helps, doesn’t begin to describe what DHS is doing.

College students make DHS propaganda educational tool-kits, apps, etc.

Students, at twenty three universities are being paid $2,000 to make DHS propaganda “mobile apps, cultural activities, videos, campus movements, social campaigns, websites, viral videos, blogs, education tool-kits.”

The winning school is awarded a $5,000 scholarship. To date, about 50–75 schools participate in the DHS competition each year. . .


Source: DHS is paying college students to create extremist propaganda games and videos

  1. jtremaine says:

    They should design a Transgendered Satanic Pedophile Cannibal game for lunatic Liberal Federal employees and the FACT to play on the job at taxpayers expense.

  2. jtremaine says:

    I dunno what that means.THE DNC. I GUESS.

  3. Oh I’m sure they probably make those too, John. But they probably cost more.

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