Has Washington Lost the Middle East After Qatar?


With liquified natural gas or LNG, natural gas has finally become a globally traded commodity like oil. This development ushers in the era of gas wars – to determine who will control the largest natural gas reserves in the world.

Rigged Game

There is a hidden thin red thread connecting the recent US Congress’ sanctions against Iran and now the Russian Federation, with the decision of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies to sanction Qatar. That red thread has nothing to do with a fight against terrorism and everything to do with who will control the largest natural gas reserves in the world as well as who will dominate the world market for that gas.

By F. William Engdahl and cross-posted from New Eastern Outlook

For more or less the past Century, since 1914, the world has been almost continuously at war over control of oil. Gradually with the adoption of clean energy policies in the European Union and most especially in China’s agreeing to significantly cut CO2 emissions by reducing coal generation, itself a political act not a scientific one, as well as advances in natural gas transport technologies, notably in…

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2 thoughts on “Has Washington Lost the Middle East After Qatar?

  1. I suspect you’re right, Simon. I just learned there are mass protests going on in Eastern Saudi Arabia that we never hear about. With 30% youth unemployment and a militant Shia minority you can’t really expect otherwise. I’ve been following the boycott on Al Jazeera English and one of the Saudi demands is that Al Jazeera (broadcast out of Doha in Qatar) be shutdown. I totally disagree with Al Jazeera’s coverage on Syria. Yet even though they toe the line on Syria, any kind of press freedom seems to be a total anathema to the House of Saud.


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