Pesticides Can Cause Brain Damage! You’ve Been Warned!!

However did we get ourselves in a situation where we’ve let corporations bastardize what we eat and drink?

Robin Hood Revival

Whatever happened to the days when food was just that ‘Food’? However did we get ourselves in a situation where we’ve let Corporations, Bastardize what we Eat and Drink?

Now if we were Conspiracists here at RH, ha, ha, one would be forgiven for naturally following our intuition and correlating the finding of this Studywith the Explosion of Alzheimer’s in the Human Population.

“Trouble with conspiracy theories, they have a knack of proving themselves right”

“Life is hard; it’s even harder when your stupid” John Wayne.

Happy Days.

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5 thoughts on “Pesticides Can Cause Brain Damage! You’ve Been Warned!!

    • That’s a hard question to answer, Rosaliene. For me the big issue isn’t so much that these toxic chemical prematurely kill people – it’s the years of suffering they cause via long lingering painful chronic illnesses.


  1. All I can say, is for months, I have been observing people out in the world, when I go out, and have found myself shaking my head, and saying “Damn, those people are dumber than dirt”. I mean it, people have really begun to get dumber than ever, if possible. Part of them wander around in a daze, and the others, do and say things that a child would not be doing and saying. It is really scary.


  2. Sorry, I wasn’t done yet, and didn’t know it. But think about it… when grown men can claim to be a little girl, and society accepts it? When your daughter is expected not to scream when an “it” comes into the women’s restroom? If anyone complains, they are sexist, or racist, or any other number of names. What are they teaching kids in school? Anything? And then think about the Swedish, all of the immigrants, and last week they were telling the women that not only have they opened up their homes to these people, but they have to sleep with them as well?


  3. Nootkabear, from the people I encounter the biggest struggle is putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their head. And I can’t really fault them for making these issues the highest priority in their lives.


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