The 1933 Plot to Overthrow Roosevelt

More hidden history.

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Another Saturday with some pleasant weather….the garden is producing admirably……and since it is so nice I thought I would muck it up for my readers with another of my now famous history lessons…..

All the hub-bub in DC these days leads one to ask many questions… let me throw a little unknown history at you……(this is part of the source material that would be used if my idea for a course on Coups were ever to become reality)…….

Did you know there was a plot to take over the government ….some will think I am talking about the last election (a future post) when, according to some, the country and the government has been taken over by the alt-Right…..but you would be mistaken.

This is an event that is seldom taught in our American history class unless you are at the grad school level….

The year is 1933 and FDR…

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7 thoughts on “The 1933 Plot to Overthrow Roosevelt

  1. It looks to me the plotters were not very sophisticated in real world. I have come to conclusion that the Mindset of Financial Elite was to get rid of FDR but at the right time. FDR made the same mistake as JFK and took on Bankers to run the everyday operations of his Government. In the end People like Trubee Davison,Robert Lovett,John McCloy,Averell Harriman and Rockefeller’s killed both FDR and JFK.


    • Have they found FDR’s medical records yet, gerry? From what I’ve read secondhand from doctors who looked at them, he died of pure medical malpractice – in that his doctor wasn’t treating his obvious heart failure. Digitalis – one of the most reliable treatments for heart failure – has been the standard treatment since the late 1700s.


      • YOU may be right that he was miss treated but they needed to act quickly to have there way in p0st war Germany and Japan’ Harry Hopkins was also miss treated and died conveniently after visiting Stalin in Russia.


  2. Then they realised military force was unnecessary. Just control the banking system and the president can do what he likes – it won’t make any difference. Oh, that and set up John Maynard Keynes to make deficit budgeting acceptable so the government can become the banks’ biggest customer. Then the government and the people will be in debt to the banks for ever and a day, and if the banks do make any minor miscalculations, the government and the people will bail them out. You only need to organise military coups in countries where the governments still think they should be working for their own people.


  3. Keynes was one of the biggest villains in the 20th century – and Galbraith et al treat him with such reverence. I think one of the saddest facts of history was that Marx himself didn’t understand how banks work. The outcome of all the socialist revolutions would have been so different if he had.


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