South Koreans Riot to Block Installation of US Anti-Missile System

South Koreans clash with police as they protest against installation of US anti-missile THAAD system. With the recent impeachment and arrest of President Park, anti-American sentiment is growing in South Korea – especially with Trump threatening North Korea with nuclear war.

Journal of People

A Journal of People report

Police and villagers have clashed in a South Korean village as the people were resisting mobilization of the U.S. anti-missile Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in the village.

A Seongju, South Korea, April 26 datelined news-report by Yonhap said:

“Six trailers carrying the radar and other equipment for a U.S. THAAD missile defense battery entered the deployment site at a golf course in South Korea early Wednesday, sparking a clash between police and villagers.”

The report was headlined “THAAD equipment enters deployment site in S. Korea amid clash between police, residents”.

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2 thoughts on “South Koreans Riot to Block Installation of US Anti-Missile System

  1. It is their right to riot to block that mess because they are going to be impacted tremendously with the U.S. meddling in what does not concern them. Kim Jong Un and North Korea should have the ability to protect itself from the empire that is hell bent on continuing to add countries to its hit list. There are few countries left that have been able to withstand the assault on them by this hole. And I for one, applaud North Korea for standing up to this bully called America. Would that other countries could follow suit and get those military bases out of their countries. I hear that the Filipino people want the U.S. military out of there as well.


  2. Wow, Shelby. This was my sentiment exactly when I read this. And then I ask myself how come they’re blocking the South Korean riots out of the mainstream media (though the BBC did mention it once in passing about 12 hours ago – they were assessing Trump on his 100 days). Silly me. I know perfectly well why the corporate media doesn’t tell us what’s really going on in Korea now – just like they didn’t tell about Korea’s Sunshine Policy to reunify the country 15 years ago before Bush sabotaged it. This was well before North Korea had nuclear weapons nor saw any need to obtain them.

    Thanks for your comment – nice to know I’m not crazy.


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