ANOTHER Fox News Lawsuit Grows – Racial Harassment of Black Employees

Next week, according to sources, seven black Fox News employees plan to join a racial discrimination suit filed last month by two colleagues. The original lawsuit alleged that Fox News’s longtime comptroller, Judy Slater, subjected members of Fox’s payroll staff to racial insults for years.

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What has been obvious to a lot of observers for a long time, with the Faux News Network constant stream of on-air racism and vitriol is that it had serious problems, Not just with its on-air personalities, buy down in the very structure of the company.

Bigots hire bigots…and sexual molester stick together.

Bill O’Reilly Is Gone, But Fox News’s Legal Nightmare Continues

The Murdochs hoped firing Bill O’Reilly would signal a changing culture at Fox News. “We want to underscore our consistent commitment to fostering a work environment built on the values of trust and respect,” Rupert and his sons, James and Lachlan, wrote in a memo to Fox News employees on Wednesday. But the dismissal of Fox News’s highest rated host isn’t going to end the crisis at the network. The toxic culture, fostered for 20 years by former CEO Roger Ailes, is proving far more difficult to…

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3 thoughts on “ANOTHER Fox News Lawsuit Grows – Racial Harassment of Black Employees

  1. Yeah! I’m REAL shocked at this! Heavy on the sarcasm. ‘Rot News’ would never get viewed by me and one thing I am most definitely glad of is the fact that I don’t have to put up with what those Black employees of ‘Rot News’ and everywhere else has to put up with. I’d be behind bars by now!


  2. I guess what really concerns me, Shelby, is the effect of racist institutions such as Fox News on the general population. When Fox News behave this way, they give license to closet racists in the general population to also behave this way – and to go much further than verbal abuse. The upsurge in violent racist attacks in the US is most concerning. As is the general failure of the police to enforce laws against hate crimes.


    • But Dr. Bramhall, please don’t forget that we have been dealing with racists since the first slave-owning ‘fore fathers’ were busily penning declarations about ‘living as free men as opposed to slaves’ while brandishing a whip over their slaves. Nothing these racists can do to us will be new. And skinheads are the law, so there ya go.


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