Kindergarten Geography Skills Hinder US Ability to Bomb People

“Everyone agrees that US bombs must be dropped on far-away people, but correctly placing these bombs is a bit of a nuisance. Isn’t there a Google App for this? There definitely should be.”


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Kindergarten Geography Skills Continue to Hinder America’s Ability to Bomb People

Bombing people is easy and fun. But finding where they live, on a map? This requires difficult book-learning. Major bummer

Bombs away!
Bombs away!

Donald Trump’s fake “show of force” against North Korea has resurrected an ancient question that many wise philosophers have pondered for thousands of years: Can Americans actually locate on a map the countries that they so desperately wish to bomb?

We apologize for the rhetorical question.

Of course, the North Korea “incident” was not due to poor navigational skills; it was nothing more than a fear-mongering distraction to boost television and approval ratings.

But it does beg the question: Can Rachel Maddow and her army of lobotomized potatoes actually find Moscow on Google Maps? Because that is the first step, at least in theory, if you want to bomb it.According to science, the answer is a resounding “no”.

Several years…

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4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Geography Skills Hinder US Ability to Bomb People

  1. Of course many Americans cannot find Russia on a map. They could not even find Nebraska on a map. They’d think that was a foreign third world country. And we wonder why we cannot break ISIS. The U.S. military personnel who are sent into fight wars in Afghanistan cannot find their way out of a cardboard box, let alone navigate Afghanistan without getting themselves blown up by land mines and such like. Americans have never been able to fight and win wars, up close and personal. And when they’ve finally figured this out, they simply drop atomic bombs and decimate what they could not infiltrate and subdue.

    How in the hell does a war in Afghanistan go on for over a decade with no end in sight and yet the U.S. is supposed to have such top of the line and latest military technology against some guys that are driving Toyota pickup trucks and are stopping every five minutes to post Youtube videos inviting recruitment? ISIS, IS, ISIL and the rest of the CIA trained ‘insurgents’ are making Americans look like the stupid fools they are.


  2. I guess your comment about sums it up, Shelby. I find it incredibly sad how American students are deliberately dumbed down in school – that seems to be the only way the ruling elite can keep them from challenging the ludicrous fictions they are fed on a daily basis in the mainstream media.

    Thanks for your extremely throughtful comment. It seems to cover all the bases.


    • No one could really be surprised about that! Tubularsock has heard that most all Congress members have to drop bread crumbs in order to find their way back the their offices. The pigeons seem to be getting fatter and many Congress members are just …”out there somewhere”!


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