REBEL YELL: John Patrick Judge – Judge For Yourself

It was John Judge – in Feb 2002 – who first explained to me, during a public forum in Seattle, why 9-11 was an inside job.


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At the time of his death, John Judge was working on creation of a Hidden History Museum and Research Center in Washington, DC, to educate a new generation about covert operations, and to support the work of investigative journalists and researchers looking into the National Security State and the rise of secrecy, government plans for extra-Constitutional jurisdiction during emergencies, and threats to civil liberties and international relations:

John Judge RIP (Dec. 14 1947 – April 15 2014) – By Bill Kelly 

I met John Judge in the fall of 1969 outside the University of Dayton Cafeteria at the Kennedy Union where he was manning a table and passing out literature for Conscious Objectors next to a US Marine Corps recruiting table. One of the papers on his table was a copy of Jim Garrison’s interview in Playboy, which I began to read and he told me to keep…

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