Trump Prepares to Pass World Leadership Baton to China

March 19, 2017 Trump prepares to pass the world leadership baton to China by Fareed Zakaria

Trump Prepares to Pass Baton

We do not yet have the official agenda for next month’s meeting in Florida between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. But after 75 years of U.S. leadership on the world stage, the Mar-a-Lago summit might mark […]

via Trump prepares to pass the world leadership baton to China — Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

3 thoughts on “Trump Prepares to Pass World Leadership Baton to China

  1. China IS the new world leader. There’s nothing left here but debt and the smoke and mirrors that are being used to attempt to hide that fact. This is why there is the so-called ‘Pivot to Asia’ because we are broke. People keep talking about the ‘Middle Class’, but the middle class is shrinking hourly and no one can escape the fact that entire malls are empty or emptying, nor can one escape the fact that even retail stores that are not mall-based are closing by the hundreds. Hell! Macy’s closed one of its most well-known stores in downtown Minneapolis and from what I understand, Minneapolis is practically, a ghost town. I don’t live there anymore but I do keep up with what’s happening there. As you know, plenty of us had been saying for quite some time that this Titanic was sinking like a stone and so it is. And so China is the shining star while ours is fading fast and China’s military is also nothing to be sneezed at. We are no longer the world’s top dog.


  2. Western hegemony over the international banking system is a cornerstone of the continued existence of Western hegemony.

    China holds close to $4 trillion dollars in Treasury debt of the U.S. China has made a lot of direct investment in Africa, Latin America, and the developing world. However, if China were to dump Treasuries and develop a Western-style, fractional reserve banking system it could dominate world banking within 10 years. $4 trillion is more than the combined capitalization of the major banking cartels in the West. The majority of shares in the IMF and World Bank are also controlled by the West. I believe that China should put its money into developing a world dominant banking system. This is essential to controlling resources, conflicts, etc. The West, particularly the U.S. has used the banking cartel as a mechanism of coercive control in the domestic affairs of countries globally. The military and intelligence services are an extension of this banking hegemony.

    Also, the delegation of investment by China to financial institutions with expertise is risk management would be more efficient, safe and highly leveraged than their current direct investment by the CCP. For example, the $4 trillion in Treasuries capitalizing banks could loan up to $200 trillion in asset-backed loans. It would also be safer because it could avoid investments that are not economically justified that led to large losses, e.g., Venezuela.


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