Fukushima: A Lurking Global Catastrophe? Tragedy at the Olympics 2020?

Posted: February 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

The world watches in horror as the Abe administration dresses up Fukushima Prefecture for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Who in their right mind would hold Olympics in the neighborhood of three out-of-control nuclear meltdowns that could get worse, worse, and still worse?


Fukushima: A Lurking Global Catastrophe?

by Robert Hunziker / February 19th, 2017


Year over year, ever since 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown grows worse and worse, an ugly testimonial to the inherent danger of generating electricity via nuclear fission, which produces isotopes, some of the most deadly poisonous elements on the face of the planet.

Fukushima Diiachi has been, and remains, one of the world’s largest experiments; i.e., what to do when all hell breaks lose aka The China Syndrome.

Scientists still don’t have all the information they need for a cleanup that the government estimates will take four decades and cost ¥8 trillion. It is not yet known if the fuel melted into or through the containment vessel’s concrete floor, and determining the fuel’s radioactivity and location is crucial to inventing the technology to remove the melted fuel.1

As it happens, “inventing technology” is experimental stage stuff…

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  1. The ‘Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ should be a case of they held an Olympics and nobody came. They’d never get me there, at ground zero. And as usual, a complete black-out from MSM.

  2. Same here, Shelby. The athletes, of course, will be at highest risk. Hopefully they will have access to information that is denied to the ordinary public.

  3. tubularsock says:

    The Olympics are a little old fashion anyway but a steeple-chase over nuclear rods could be as interesting as knights fighting dragons with the exception that the rods win. And by the time the public leaves the event they will be glowing-orange like Tweet!

    Ever think that mankind is just stupid?

    • Sounds like a great new Olympic event, Tube. Sure sounds a lot more exciting than bridge – which is one of the proposed events for the 2020 Olympics. Watching people play bridge is a lot like watching paint dry.

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