Blackwater Heads to China

Late last year Frontier Services Group (Blackwater found Erik Prince’s new company) put out a press release in which they boasted of their new corporate strategy: Cashing in on the Chinese government’s trillion dollar “New Silk Road” gamble.

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OK, OK, not Blackwater. That’s the mercenary force of convicted war criminals founded by Erik Prince that will never outrun its infamy no matter how many times it changes its name.

No, no, no! Not Blackwater! It’s Frontier Services Group—an entirely different mercenary group chaired by Erik Prince—that is heading to China! And they’re not there to sell mercenary services! Absolutely not. They’re merely opening some “forward operating bases” to help the Chinese train “ex-” PLA soldiers how to be mercenaries! It’s entirely different!

Now that we have that clear, some context: Erik Prince is the notorious mercenary who believes he’s the modern-day descendant of “Wild Bill” Donovan. (Prince even named his youngest son, Charles Donovan Prince, after Bill.) Prince’s budding career as a contract killer went down in flames in 2009 after it was revealed that Blackwater was a front for…

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9 thoughts on “Blackwater Heads to China

    • I can’t for the life of me understand why the Chinese let that happen. With their vast foreign reserves, they could easily have created their own sovereign monetary system and steered clear of Wall Street bankers. I suspect that may be their undoing.


      • Remember, these brotherhoods of the snake merchants were already in China way before Marco Polo arrived; and, they wormed their way into high places; it was probably not voluntary, but bloodline royalty engineered;

        Now, the only remedy for them all is going to have to be ww3; we see no other way out for the G7; it will save the cabal, the banks, the Ponzi scheme, keep the people busy, martial law, one world gov, the whole nine yards; Bush did the opening, Obama the mid game and Trump the end game; we pray


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