Trump has only ONE Alternative –The 3 Pillars of Deep State Must Be Knocked Down Post Haste

…If He Is To Deliver On His Crucial Campaign Promises,
And Really Make America Great Again

The 3 Pillars of Deep State Must Be Knocked Down Post Haste

• The Mainstream Media must be shut down.
• The Central Intelligence Agency must be dissolved.
• The Federal Reserve System must be taken over by the U.S. Treasury

Pinecone Utopia


SOTN was the first Alt Media news platform to describe Donald Trump as a “wrecking ball”.

This Internet moniker was chosen after serious deliberation, as it became clear that the Obamanation needed to be completely destroyed if the American Republic was to be saved.

In fact, The Donald made his way slowly but surely all the way to the Oval Office by wrecking everything in sight.  This is his signature MO, and exactly what was needed throughout the most divisive and violent campaign season in U.S. history. Read More

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5 thoughts on “Trump has only ONE Alternative –The 3 Pillars of Deep State Must Be Knocked Down Post Haste

  1. When looking Stuart at the 3rd one which of course we all know it the most important, Im fascinated by the answers or vague looks and mostly silence when I suggest the trillions that is owed on Western Balance Sheets in particular the US, where is this money owed to? I suggest its Bank of Settlements in IMF and the 12 Federal Banks all privately owned in the US. So given all this debt who are these people this great debt is owed to?????

    No one realises that the indentured assets that have been built up over many years have been fingerprinted to ensure they can be taken at a moments notice to this crowd. Its an awful game of watch the thief take your stuff and just respect they deserve it more than you given the 1st item of media control has mind managed this process.


  2. I agree absolutely, Cat. There’s absolutely no way citizens can have a democratic say in government when private banks have total control over the money needed to run the society.

    From what I understand, about 1/3 of US debt is owned by foreign countries. China has dumped a lot of US Treasury bonds and now Japan owns slightly more than they do. About 2/3 is owned by the Federal Reserve, mutual funds, pension funds, banks, insurance companies and holders of US savings bonds. See


  3. Now, I am no economist, nor do I know anything about the national ‘debt’ except what I hear and I hear that we are in deep debt shit! How? I don’t know unless it’s because of military spending because we cannot be in debt due to spending on social programs because they get cut every year and so what else are we spending money on? If I were Trump, and I could actually do this, I would stand up and say, “Debt, what U.S. debt? We have no debt!” And with a brush, wipe the ‘debt’ plate clean, jail the criminal bankers and start with a clean slate.


  4. My understanding, Shelby, is that the debt is definitely due to the trillions that have been spent on all the wars the US is undertaking around the world. That and the decision to simultaneously cut taxes on the rich to force the government to borrow the money (from bankers) to finance the wars. Many analysts believe the accumulation of debt was deliberate – to satisfy neocons and neoliberals by making it impossible (owing to the debt) to restore social programs once they were cut.

    Thanks for your very astute comment.


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