11 Deeply Alarming Facts About America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

Source: 11 Deeply Alarming Facts About America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

9 thoughts on “11 Deeply Alarming Facts About America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

  1. Well, I know first hand how bad it is because I was in Minnesota when the 135W bridge collapsed and fell into the Mississippi River. And only after that were civil engineers sent around the country to take a look at some of America’s bridges only to give every one they looked at, a failing grade. Who could not fail to see how bad off our infrastructure is? It is glaringly obvious. Our trains look like dilapidated garbage hulls next to those found in European countries. Our buildings are falling down. Entire apartment buildings are collapsing and this occurred in Minnesota and the rich there far outnumber the poor and so if that can happen in a state that’s got over a billion dollar surplus and they do nothing for their infrastructure, what does that tell you? If I had over a billion dollar surplus for my state, I would not wait around for the federal government to get its act together, I’d put some of that money to use fixing up the infrastructure of my state if I was one of its political leaders.

    It has also been stated that our nuclear facilities are not up to par and that is putting things mildly and I know about horrible water because Minnesota, even with its many lakes, has some of the worst water in the country. The majority of lakes cannot be used for swimming and each summer, algae takes over the majority of the lakes. And the potholes in Minneapolis keeps your vehicle in the shop. I could go on and on, but like dude said in the article, you get the point. Add to that and we are ‘broke’ too. Sigh! Things ain’t looking so good and that is another understatement!

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    • Shelby, you give an extremely apt description of how extremely bad things are getting in the US. I heard an interesting talk last week how the decision to allow the infrastructure to decay (which was made some time in the 1970s) was deliberate. Apparently the Chamber of Commerce and other groups representing the Wall Street made the deliberate decision to deliberate cut the public sector. I was well aware of the cuts in welfare, vocational assistance, Medicaid, Medicare, etc (which started under Carter) because they were well publicized. It had never occurred to me that they simultaneously decided to cut infrastructure funding – which is obviously what happened or it wouldn’t be falling apart.

      I guess the truth of the matter is that ordinary people have never run things in the US – the country has always been run by the wealthy elite and they just throw us scraps from their table from time to time.

      Thanks for your comment.

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  2. so i can not blame president trump about his procedure against immigrants because american dream not exist now,i hope america can pass this catastrophic economic collapse and i do know what will happen to the third nation countrys if america vanish but i thing this is cycle of life if you reach to the top you must go down again.


    • ytaca, I agree with you. However, America is fast turning into a 3rd world country because millions are living in 3rd world conditions. We have mass homelessness to the point where many people are living like refugees in tent cities in many cities all across America. We have severe poverty and many nights children go to be with empty bellies, get up and go to school and they are still hungry and the only meal they get is the lunch meal at school.

      We have been taking refugees from Somalia like crazy and housing them, giving them free medical care and free food while those who have paid their taxes are sleeping in boxes underneath bridges and who are also eating out of dumpsters. We don’t have any money for anymore refugees. We’ve plenty of our own that we are not taking care of.

      And apparently that ‘top’ you speak of has been reached because we are going down.

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      • I think Shelby is right, ytaca. Most of what you will here about the rich and glorious life people lead in the US is highly sophisticated propaganda – designed to lull Americans into complacency and lure a continuous supply of cheap immigrant labor to American shores.

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        • What Dr. Bramhall says is absolutely correct! They are only using immigrants for cheap labor because that is how corporations operate. Anything that will feed the coffers of their shareholders and keep the CEO getting millions to keep the bottom line in the bloated ‘black’ area, they’ll do and Trump, as a businessman, should be quite aware himself, of an approximate number of undocumented workers who are here in America, working under the table.

          Before I left Minnesota, they raided a car dealership and hauled the undocumented mechanic away and deported him back to Honduras. He’s probably back now and resumed where he left off, working under the table. They get deported and then come right back.


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