A Doctor Explains How Smart Meters Are a Serious Risk to Your Health (aka Advanced Meters in NZ)

Posted: January 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Smart Meters are even more hazardous to your health than cellphones (which are linked to brain tumors) because they emit far more microwave radiation.

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

Dr Darren Schmidt explains the technical side of how Smart aka Advanced Meters affect your health. 

Check out our Smart Meter pages for more information on Advanced/Smart Meters, or use ‘categories’ for related articles.  These meters are not compulsory in NZ and they are a known health risk, denied of course by the industries. If you ask your friendly call center person in NZ what are the health risks, they will insist, they’re no more dangerous than a cell phone. If you’ve done your research it’s preferable to by pass them & simply don’t consent to one. Go to Stopsmartmetersnz for information on how to get rid of one. Be sure to watch the recommended doco Take Back Your Power. Really a MUST WATCH because it covers everything you need to know.


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  1. […] against brain tumors and other serious health problems linked to smart meters – see Doctor Explains How Smart Meters are a Serious Risk to Your Health], and it would take a step toward blocking a federal program in […]

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