11 thoughts on “Older Men Father 39% of Babies Born to Underage Girls 

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  2. “Older Men Father 39% of Babies Born to Underage Girls”

    I can believe that! My ex-husband’s mother was just 13 years old when she was impregnated by a 35-year old man. Her mother beat her so bad, one of her twins died at birth. The blame is always placed on the female. She never finished school, was forced to marry him, at gun point and of course, they later divorced. Karma has a way of attempting to even the score. The man that impregnated her, although he lived to be in his 70s, was beaten so badly by a burglar that he died from his injuries a few years ago. He was one of the most vile men I have ever had the misfortune to know; he and his offspring.


    • In my view, a very sorry state of affairs. In my experience as a child and adolescent psychiatrist the preponderance (60%) of girls under 16 are developmentally incapable of seeing through or resisting the emotional blackmail an older man subjects her for engaging in intercourse – or to ensure that he practices safe sex – even though she is cognitively aware that pregnancy may result.

      Most girls under 16 are incapable of giving mutual consent – developmentally they are only capable of being emotionallly pressured to have sex.

      The rate at which a child matures emotionally and psychologically is genetically determined and does not keep pace with the accelerated physical maturity associated with improved diet. We thus face the difficult situation where girls as young as 10 or 11 are menstruating and capable of conceiving – but are still emotionally and psychologically incapable of giving mutual consent.

      Overall I think age 16 is a good compromise for an age of consent, with any intercourse under 16 (with an older man) defined as statutory rape (sexual abuse). In my experience girls 15 and under who are pressured to have unprotected sex suffer the lifelong psychological impairment commonly associated with sexual abuse. I have spent most of my professional life working with these women, and the road to recovery from this type of trauma is long and difficult.

      In my view, men who seek out sex with underage girls, like all pedophiles, need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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      • I agree with you; every word. She was also developmentally disabled and the man should have been castrated and drawn and quartered. But he went on to make someone else’s life miserable and no amount of beating up on him could have ever been enough to make up for what he did to my ex-husband’s mother and even though there is no love lost between us, no one deserves that!

        Unfortunately, I know too many girls who had sex at age 13 and a child was the result; none of them are doing well and that is an understatement. Their daughters are abused by the men in their life and the cycle continues. It is most depressing.


  3. The vast number of E.U. countries set the age of sexual consent between 14 and 16. By using the 17 to 18 range the U.S. is antiquated and unwilling to accept realistic norms. This drives the behavior underground and promotes a lack of responsibility in men regarding these mutually consenting relationships. I believe that the true villain here is a the Puritanical state imposing non-realistic norms on society. This is the same problem, of a hypocritical bourgeoisie refusing to accept social norms, as is found in the war against drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc.


  4. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, PeaceFrog, for the reasons I outlined in my response to Shelley. I personally don’t know any US jurisdictions that set the age of consent at 17 or 18. All the states I have ever worked in have set it at 16 (where the the partner is older – where the partners are the same age it’s viewed as mutually consenting, as neither is seen to have the ability to emotionally manipulate the other party). Any laws regarding pedophilia must be based on the well established developmental trajectory of children – AND the profound trauma they experience when an older person manipulates them into having sex.

    I agree with you that both prostitution (which is legal in New Zealand), illicit drugs and gambling should be legalized and regulated. In my view, however, pedophilia is a totally separate category owing to the lasting psychological harm it causes the victim.


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