IMF chief Christine Lagarde flees France for US as she is found GUILTY of payout to tycoon


Cameron, Clinton, Lagarde – the banksters’ chickens are coming home to roost – who’s next?


”The former French finance minister was today convicted by a French court over the so-called Tapie payment but has not been handed a sentence.

During the case, the IMF supported Ms Lagarde’s position as leader, but her role is in doubt following the guilty verdict.

The conviction is a huge embarrassment for the American-based IMF after former head Dominique Strauss-Kahn was forced to quit in 2011 amid sexual assault allegations.

A crisis meeting over Ms Lagarde’s continued leadership of the fund is now set to be held by the Washington-based board.

The top judge in Ms Lagarde’s trial said the IMF head was negligent for not seeking to overturn an arbitration ruling in 2008, which had awarded the huge compensation payment to Bernard Tapie.”

Trump has yet to be sworn-in as President, no doubt guilty Lagarde, great friend of Osborne, will be allowed entrance into the US…

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5 thoughts on “IMF chief Christine Lagarde flees France for US as she is found GUILTY of payout to tycoon

  1. The qualification, sin qua non, for running the the world’s leading loan shark operation to the third world, is being controllable and vulnerable to blackmail. There is no doubt, in my mind, that DSK was set up in that hotel room. They knew his sexual propensities, and they ensnared him in a trap using a vulnerable HIV positive immigrant woman. That woman, unlike many others similarly situated, was living fortunately, and quite conveniently, in a government-funded apartment complex for HIV positive women. DSK was a socialist who was friendly with Russia- just can’t have that!
    As for Legarde, she needed to be disposed of. There is no amount of incompetence or wrongdoing that can unseat a useful shill. There is no amount of competence, or good work, that can save a poor soul that crosses the Washington Consensus.


  2. Once again believe your analysis is spot on, PeaceFrog. The BBC is reporting today that there will be no “punishment” for Lagarde and supposedly the IMF still has “confidence” in her. She may prove somewhat hard to get rid of.


    • I suppose we should not let anything surprise us .. Unfortunately, here is NO incentive for these people to operate honestly… They are protected and rewarded for their criminality … Thanks for bringing this story to our attention and for all you do!


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