Oil Company Responds To US Army Corps’ Announcement, Will Continue To Proceed With Pipeline : Conscious Life News

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Despite Standing Rock legal victory, oil companies plan to keep on constructing pipeline – illegally.

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Despite these concerns, ETP and SXL have pressed on to finish the $3.7 billion pipeline which may offer more jobs in a struggling economy. Three federal mandates were issued to halt the construction of the DAPL in recent months, but development continued nonetheless. It’s because of this that protestors began to blockade bridges and put themselves in danger to raise awareness about the issue. Activists have been maced, tased, shot with rubber bullets, beaten with batons, and hosed down with water canons in freezing temperatures to stop the DAPL’s construction.Finally, on Sunday, the US Army Corps of Engineers denied an easement for the pipeline to cross Lake Oahe, meaning the DAPL would need to be rerouted. Shortly after that declaration, however, ETP and SXL released their own statement, making it very clear that the companies have no intention of delaying or stopping construction.The statement reads:“As stated all along, ETP and…

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  1. Lara/Trace says:

    There is no breathing room with people like oil companies

  2. You betcha. In the case of oil companies the greed for profits is insatiable, no matter the harm done to the planet or future generations.

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