Wisconsin Recount Observers Discover Vote Counting Machine Tampering

Posted: December 4, 2016 in Things that aren't what they seem
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As reported by Bill Palmer in The Palmer Report, Wisconsin recount observers have discovered vote counting machines in St Croix County with tampered seals.

There has as of yet been no explanation from Wisconsin officials or St. Croix County officials as to why the majority of vote counting machines in the county have been visibly tampered with, and no one noticed during the original vote tally. It’s possible that these seals could have been broken by a hacker who was reprogramming them to produce rigged or false vote totals, and it’s also possible that an election worker could have simply pried open the seals for some unknown reason that didn’t involve malicious intent. But in any case, the broken tamper seals stand out as alarming – and could serve as legal fodder for expanding the scope of the recount.

Palmer reports that 60 of 72 Wisconsin counties have voluntarily agreed to do hand recounts despite last week’s court ruling that there is insufficient evidence to compel hand recounts. According to Palmer, the tampered seals could be sufficient to convince the judge to do hand recounts in the other 12 counties.

Read more at The Palmer Report

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    I am not shocked as much as discouraged. I am from Wisconsin and it’s been a mess for years.

  3. I know, Lara. I grew up in Milwaukee.

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