The best argument for a recount comes from Trump himself — Quartz

The newly elected president of the world’s most vaunted democracy is asserting that democracy is a sham.

In an extraordinary series of tweets on Sunday (Nov. 27), US president-elect Donald Trump claimed—with absolutely no evidence—that millions of people voted illegally in the election he won on Nov. 8.

The tweets were a response to Democrats’ complaints that Hillary Clinton’s two million-and-counting vote margin in the popular vote undermines his mandate—though because of the US electoral college system, it doesn’t invalidate his victory.

They followed the news that Clinton’s campaign will join Green party candidate Jill Stein’s recount efforts in Midwest states narrowly won by Trump, which some fear could have been manipulated by foreign hacking. Trump responded by claiming that there has been “serious voter fraud” in several states that Clinton won, and that a biased media is ignoring it (again, presenting no evidence).
It’s worth pausing to underline just how massive a claim the president-elect is making: that the system that elected him is either (a) irreparably corrupt, or (b) woefully incompetent. By making this assertion, he is discrediting his own electoral college victory and, more importantly, the entire American democratic electoral system. . .

via The best argument for a recount of Donald Trump’s win comes from Trump himself — Quartz

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