Well, At Least Marijuana Won Big On Election Night!

A majority of states support legalizing weed at this point – at least for medical purposes. Yesterday California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine became the latest states to fully legalise it for recreational purposes.


“This is the most momentous Election Day in history for the movement to end marijuana prohibition.”

Voters in eight out of nine states that went to the polls on the issue of marijuana reform voted to roll back longstanding restrictions on the drug.

Election night brought several astonishing, wholly unforeseen results. But let’s put the presidential campaign aside for a second and talk about weed.

Marijuana was on the ballot in nine states on Tuesday. Voters in eight of those states went to the polls and approved measures to roll back longstanding restrictions on the drug, delivering a historic victory for marijuana police reformers.

By the end of the night, four states approved recreational marijuana, with California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine all rejecting prohibition and opting to tax and regulate the drug instead. The efforts doubled the number of states with legal weed, bringing the total to eight, which are…

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5 thoughts on “Well, At Least Marijuana Won Big On Election Night!

  1. Mexican cartels will lose up to 30 percent of their income if the U.S. ends marijuana prohibition. This is money that they use to promote other business activities such as human trafficking, sex trafficking of women and children, other narcotics distribution, and, amassing weapons. The low intensity drug war in Mexico has killed about 11,000 civilians a year over the past decade. We may lose some un-needed law enforcement and court jobs related to nuisance misdemeanor pot possession arrests that make up nearly half of all arrests in NYC.



    • These are really chilling statistics, PeaceFrog. You would have thought US elites would have learned their lesson with alcohol prohibition (ie prohibition only serves to fuel organized crime) in the 1920s. My main concern lies with the millions of Americans from poor and minority backgrounds languishing in prison for the victimless crime of marijuana possession.


      • In my opinion, the whole system is designed to support middle class jobs in law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, judges, etc. Narcotics are cheaper, on an inflation adjusted basis, then they were in the 1960’s, and, more readily available. Legalized sex workers in Nevada and porn actors in California are regularly tested, and, have much less of a chance of getting infected with an STD than they do dating the general population. Absent force or fraud (e.g., violation of minors) there are no need for any vice laws. The Left generally understands this, and, most Libertarians are on the same page. Legal casinos are taxed to fund gambling addiction program- a far cry from the state lottery system, that amount to a negative tax on the poor. Narcotics is the original war with no end, and, it only serves to create international organized crime empires.


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