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Free education and health care are the most important ways to create productivity and real wealth in a society. What passes for wealth creation in the US and other industrialized countries is merely the organized transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

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4. France: France does charge tuition – but normally around 200 dollars at public universities. A far cry from what you’d pay in the United States, even in a state school.

5. Norway: Norwegian students, including foreigners studying in the country, do not have to pay any college tuition. Be forewarned, however, of the harsh winters and high cost of living.

6.  Slovenia: If Eastern Europe is more your thing, Noack notes that Slovenia has 150 English-language programs, and only charges a registration fee – no tuition.

7.  Sweden: Sweden, a country which has so successfully solved so many of its social problems that  there are now U.S. Sitcoms about the glories of moving there, has over 300 English-language programs. Although college there is free,  cost of living may be pricey for foreigners.Although Noack’s article focuses largely on countries where English speakers can easily gain access to low-cost or no-cost classes, it’s worth pointing out that even some of the poorest countries…

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