Dr. Jill Stein Rebuffs Al Gore’s Attack On The Green Party.

We have a type of proportional representation here in New Zealand that’s similar to ranked choice voting. For this reason, a Green Party vote is never waste here – we currently have 14 Green MPs in Parliament.

The Militant Negro™


Stein rebuffs Gore’s baseless attack on Green Party

Challenges former VP to support ranked choice voting

Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate, responded today to former Vice President Al Gore‘s recent statement repeating the myth that Ralph Nader cost Gore the 2000 election. At the same time, Gore urged voters concerned about climate change to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I sincerely appreciate Al Gore’s efforts to raise awareness about climate change, but while Gore and Democrats talk the talk on environmental issues, they don’t walk the walk,” stated Stein. “Friends of the Earth founder David Brower said that the first 4 years of the Clinton/Gore administration were more environmentally destructive than the preceding 12 years of Reagan and Bush. The Clinton-Gore administration rewarded its corporate campaign contributors with special deals, like allowing sugar cane growers to accelerate destruction of the Everglades and allowing unrestricted logging in many…

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