Solar buries the India-US nuclear deal

Fellow, Energy & Environment Studies

Solar power developers have offered to sell electricity in India at less than Rs 5/unit. This makes solar competitive with traditional forms of energy, and makes new nuclear power plants financially unviable. India must register the changed reality, and discard the idea of expensive Western reactors. Time to scrap the India-U.S. nuclear deal?

Hard on the heels of falling oil prices and affordable shale, comes another dramatic energy change for the industry: The falling cost of solar energy. This has many implications, but the most immediate impact is on the nuclear power industry, large parts of which may have just become obsolete. This means that the new nuclear power plants being planned by India, especially those with foreign collaboration, must be reconsidered and scrapped if they are financially unviable.

Source: Solar buries the India-US nuclear deal

5 thoughts on “Solar buries the India-US nuclear deal

      • Yes, that’s true. I was referring to the way Capitalists often ignore the will of the people even when their beloved “free markets” dictate the same thing the people want. The nuclear industry will take care of themselves just as all Capitalists look out for #1 all of the time. Let’s see what happens in India.


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