Rethink Pink and Screening Mammography

“Mammography screening for breast cancer has significant drawbacks, and expected survival benefits have not materialized.” –Dr Laura Esserman.

A Closer Look at Screening Mammography

Dr Laura Esserman of the University of California startled the medical community with an article questioning screening mammography published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA ).   Dr Laura Esserman reviewed 20 years of breast cancer data.  Her conclusion is not favorable:

“Mammography screening for breast cancer has significant drawbacks, and expected survival benefits have not materialized. “

“While the incidence of early stage breast cancer has decreased due to mammography, the incidence rates for the killer cancers, (the advanced cancers) have remained stable.  While it is true that overall mortality rates have declined slightly, this is attributed to better treatment rather than increased detection.” Dr Laura Esserman.

Source: Rethink Pink and Screening Mammography

2 thoughts on “Rethink Pink and Screening Mammography

  1. I know a woman who had stage 4 breast cancer and she underwent chemo and radiation and had part of her breast removed and she is doing fine. She told me that she had neglected to get mammograms for years as she was too busy taking care of other family members. So, I do believe that in many instances, regardless of when they detect certain types of cancer, you’re either going to live or die.

    I also know another woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago, she was in remission for decades and then it returned with a vengeance and she was told that the cancer would most likely race through her body, eating it up. I don’t know what eventually happened to her because I only saw her a few times after her double mastectomy and I left town. She had a great attitude and she was one of the sweetest people. I will never understand why we cannot eradicate this killer.

    Thanks for posting this Dr. Bramhall. This being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all.


  2. I, too, have many friends who have recently suffered from breast cancer. What I find really sad is that breast cancer was virtually unknown prior to 1900 before 1) we allowed industry to introduce all these toxic chemicals into our lifestyle and 2) we switched from a healthy high animal fat diet to a high sugar/carbohydrate diet.

    This is why I campaign so vigorously to remove toxic chemicals from our environment and to get people to quit using beauty and cleaning products that are full of toxic chemicals. And to educate people to return to the high animal fat diet our grandparents enjoyed. The toxic chemicals clearly play a role in initiating breast cancer and in the killing intestinal bacteria (our immune system) we once relied on to keep us cancer free. And the high sugar/high carbohydrate diet clearly plays a role in increasing dangerous toxin producing bacteria that increase inflammation.


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