“Godfather” of CIA, Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen–CIA’S Actual Files

Gehlen was the most important and powerful war criminal to ever work for the US government. He ran the CIA’s Eastern Europe division until 1956 when the agency was handed over to West Germany. This post includes links to recently declassified CIA files on Gehlen.


RELEASE – CIA Files on Reinhard Gehlen

Note: While these files have been declassified and available to the public for several years, I have not seen them assembled into any sort of easy to download files. These 2,000+ pages, split into seven volumes, comprise the declassified portions of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) file on General Reinhard Gehlen, the Nazi intelligence chief who served many masters, including the CIA.


GENERAL Reinhard Gehlen, perhaps one of the most important people in modern American history that few have ever heard of.  While his influence was covert, it was of no less force.  The Nazi…

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2 thoughts on ““Godfather” of CIA, Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen–CIA’S Actual Files

  1. Yes, I’ve just been reading about Herr Gehlen in a marvelous book “The Untold History of the United States”, by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick. Chapter 3 is entitled “The Cold War: Who started it?” And guess what their answer is!


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