Brazil Coup Govt Unleashes Wave of Repression on Protesters

Brazil: chaos in the streets.

Journal of People

Telesur | 05 September, 2016

100,000 demonstrators marched through the streets of Sao Paulo demanding the coup regime vacate the presidency and call snap elections.

State security officials, working on behalf of the coup regime in Brazil, unleashed a wave of repression against a 100,000 person strong demonstration Sunday in the city of Sao Paulo opposing the ouster of Dilma Rousseff.

In what was the largest rally since the consolidation of the coup earlier this week, demonstrators called for Michel Temer to step down and for snap elections to be held.

The demonstration was reportedly peaceful until the Military Police attacked the crowd with teargas as people began to disperse and demonstrators headed for metro entrances.

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5 thoughts on “Brazil Coup Govt Unleashes Wave of Repression on Protesters

  1. Well I hate to disappoint Soros, but it aint’ going to happen. You can’t run a world government effectively without the cheap energyl to run a standing army and a vast system of telecommunications. The age of cheap oil is over – there simply isn’t enough readily accessible oil to run this pipe dream. Governments, by necessity, will be smaller and more locally controlled – mainly because transportation and communication over long distances will be impossible.


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