The Truth About Mother Teresa



Excellent expose of the fraud known as Mother Teresa – about to be promoted to saint.

In addition to slippery bookkeeping, she courted dictators and took money from them and she used her homes to convert the sick and dying rather than help them (especially if they had AIDS).

Much of this material comes from the late Christopher Hitchens’ book The Missionary Position. I highly recommend it.

Why Evolution Is True

Well, it was only a matter of time, for Mother Teresa was always on the fast track to sainthood. She died in 1997, was put on the Fast Track immediately by John Paul II (now SAINT John Paul II), and was beatified in 2003 (one of the steps to sainthood, requiring verification of a single miracle). Now, 13 years later, she’s gotten her second miracle and will be declared a full saint on Sunday. The Catholic News is probably the best source for this:

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis will declare Blessed Teresa of Kolkata a saint at the Vatican Sept. 4.

The date was announced March 15 during an “ordinary public consistory,” a meeting of the pope, cardinals and promoters of sainthood causes that formally ends the sainthood process.

. . . Shortly after she died in 1997, St. John Paul II waived the usual five-year waiting period and allowed…

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7 thoughts on “The Truth About Mother Teresa

  1. I had heard that Mother Teresa was not all she was cracked up to be and I think it a shame that if that is the case, she is relegated to sainthood. It is blatantly hypocritical to overlook her many lesser points and instead, laud her for basically, her publicity stunts.

    Thanks for shedding light on this Dr. Bramhall.



      This is what it says in Wikipedia about the Missionaries of Charity:

      “The Missionaries of Charity is a Roman Catholic (Latin Church) religious congregation established in 1950 by Mother Teresa. In 2012 it consisted of over 4,500 religious sisters. Members of the order designate their affiliation using the order’s initials, “M.C.” A member of the congregation must adhere to the vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, and the fourth vow, to give “wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor.”[1] Today, the order consists of both contemplative and active branches in several countries.
      Missionaries care for those who include refugees, former prostitutes, the mentally ill, sick children, abandoned children, lepers, people with AIDS, the aged, and convalescent. They have schools run by volunteers to educate street children and run soup kitchens as well as other services according to the community needs. They have 19 homes in Kolkata (Calcutta) alone which include homes for women, orphaned children, and the dying; an AIDS hospice, a school for street children, and a leper colony. These services are provided, without charge, to people regardless of their religion or social status . . .”

      Would you regard all these religious sisters as fake?


  2. Aunty, I’m not sure if you have ever read Christopher Hitchens book, The Missionary Position. I don’t think Arthur James (the letter writer in New York Books) has read it.

    You might be interested in this short documentary Hitchens made about his investigation into her Calcutta mission, fundraising activities and support for right wing dictators:


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