FOOD FRAUD: Have We Really Lost 93% Of Food Varieties In 100 Years?

This phenomenal loss of food diversity (thanks to the corporate takeover of our food supply) has very frightening implications for food security and human health. Especially as dietary diversity is one of the most important determinants of healthy intestinal bacteria – which controls our immunity and the health of our nervous and endocrine system.


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– You have probably heard that we have 93% fewer food crops available today than 100 yeas ago. That a great portion of our food diversity has gone extinct and disappeared. It seems logical when you look at the infographic above based on a 1983 survey of the National Seed Storage Laboratory undertaken by the Plant Genetic Resources Project of the Rural Advancement Fund , and it has been spread and quoted widely.

It isn’t hard to believe considering this since we are experiencing an extinction rate of approximately 1000x the normal background rate and have seen an average loss of 52% in over 10,300 cohorts measured since 1970. But, a more detailed examination of the facts leads us to see that the diversity of human food crops, unlike general biodiversity, has not shrunk significantly overall.

It is also an odd choice to compare all commercially available seeds from…

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2 thoughts on “FOOD FRAUD: Have We Really Lost 93% Of Food Varieties In 100 Years?

  1. Here in Spain there is Seed Network and it is dedicated to preserving local varieties which have always grown well in those specific conditions, and in the days when all was organic or her the word is bio!


  2. That’s great. We have a similar national heritage seed network in New Zealand – as well as numerous regional ones. Because we don’t have the facilities to keep seeds in cold storage, seeds need to be replanted every 3 years to remain viable. We have our own seed bank here in New Plymouth dedicated to planting organic vegetables and saving and trading the seed.


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