Booze Industry Anti-Cannabis Propaganda

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

The alcohol industry’s campaign against legalized marijuana.

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Alcohol Industry Tells Congress to Worry About Marijuana

“…alcohol industry is spending money to get members of Congress to pay attention to marijuana-impaired driving.”

…Arizona Wine and Spirits Association, contributed $10,000 to the effort to defeat a marijuana legalization initiative that is expected to appear on Arizona’s November ballot.

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  1. jtremaine says:

    I have been saying this for 35 years. The booze and tobacco monopolies have the power and motive to squash cannabis legalization.

    • As long as we have State Rights driven by voter initiatives, an educated public and A president that won’t go back to federal raids in legal States, they can’t win. The public is wising up

      • I tend to agree, Az. A close look at history reveals that empires always collapse and ordinary people always win out in the end.

      • jtremaine says:

        Voter initiatives and statewide referendums even if they conflict with federal law may be our saving grave. How about an anti war state that refuses to send troops ?

        • Sounds like a great idea to me. Do you have any particular states in mind?

          • jtremaine says:

            Honestly , Colorado has proven success with cannabis so perhaps it may be a good pace to start. Also with the huge military bases , it may be a good place to concentrate the Loyal factions of our Defensive US military , as a fortress against the Global Zionist Mafia that controls the Media an our Imperial foreign Mercenary forces. However perhaps the smallest or rather the least populated state may be a better starting point. What do you think ?

            • Colorado is actually quite a radical place, especially around Bolder. It was no accident they were one of the first states to legalize cannabis. A radical initiative of this nature takes years to organize.

  2. jtremaine says:

    I have been saying this for 35 years. The booze and tobacco monopolies have the power and motive to squash cannabis legalization. BIG PHARMACY HAS THE SAME ANY DEEPER POCKETS. THEY WOULD LOSE OUT ON PAIN AND ANXIETY MED SALES, ANTI SEIZURE AND ANTI DEPRESSANTS .

  3. How pathetic… SOOO sick of money coming before truth and health.


  5. Anni P says:

    Hello, I am really enjoying your site. I am also an expat American living in Taranaki – and am quite familiar to what happens to activists overseas. Great work – keep it up….

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  7. Well, JT, I guess we better get organized pretty quick – to make sure the alcohol industry and Big Pharma don’t bet in our way.

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