The NFL Coverup: Pro-football and Permanent Brain Damage


Directed by Peter Landesman (2015)

Film Review

Concussion is a fact-based film about a brilliant Nigerian pathologist named Dr Bennet Omalu, who is systematically demonized and harassed by the National Football League (NFL) after publishing a scientific paper establishing that repeated head trauma places professional footballers at high risk for a brain disorder called chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Prior to Omalu’s groundbreaking research, the literature was dominated by the NFL’s own spurious studies that supposedly “proved” that repeated head injuries occurring in pro-football – unlike those that occur in boxing – do not produce long term brain damage.

The harassment Omalu experienced included death threats, getting a brick thrown thrown through his window, gang stalking and pressure on his employer to terminate his position with the county coroner.

When his supervisor refused to fire him, the FBI launched an investigation against his boss resulting in bogus charges for using supplies and equipment for personal use.


5 thoughts on “The NFL Coverup: Pro-football and Permanent Brain Damage

  1. Reblogged this on rudolfblog and commented:
    NFL is first of all a $cam. It is a rigged game for d3viants. It’s no more sport than the NBA Fraud is. Mere, lethal and degenerate tittainment.


  2. I think for that game to be actively encouraged at Australian schools is criminal. Of course it causes trauma. We have a law compelling cycle helmet wearing. The least we should do is to dress rugby or football players to wear protective body suits and helmets. ( or just ban the game and introduce outdoor chess.)


    • I must admit I’m most sympathetic with Kiwi mothers with sons under pressure to play rugby at school. Any kid who has played rugby longer than 18 months has experienced concussion at some point.


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