Doctoring LA’s Homeless

Street Medicine

Jonny Kahleyn-Dieb and Tomi Hinkannen (2008)

Film Review

Street Medicine is an extremely inspiring documentary about a medical outreach program in Los Angeles Country that sends doctors out to assist uninsured homeless patient whose illnesses prevent them from attended Venice Outpatient Clinic.

The most common medical problems the encounter are TB and other chest infections and severe skin infections and abscesses. Owing to severe mental health cutbacks, many also have mental illnesses.

The clinic receives one-third of its funding from Hollywood celebrities and the rest from federal-state Medicaid funding.

3 thoughts on “Doctoring LA’s Homeless

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  2. There are probably 150,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County by now. I was there with a christian group in 2007 and there were 100,000 then. America is a very sick place.


  3. Very astute comment, tod. The ironic thing is that it would would cost state and local government to provide the chronically homeless with free apartments and regular social support – owing to the costly bills they run up for medical care, social services and criminal justice interventions. Yet there is little support among policy makers for such a program, owing to the immense stigma heaped on the homeless.


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