The Torch and Pitchfork March Against TPP

Dear Corporate Greed Resisters,

In order to create a global economy that prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet as opposed to corporations’ pursuit of higher returns, we must first defeat the TPP.

On Wednesday, riot police cracked down on protestors opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Lima. And on Saturday, thousands of people participated in protests in more than 40 cities all over Spain, counting on the support of over 1,300 organizations. The protests were a response to the Council of Ministers of the Spanish Government approving the signing of CETA by the European Union Council.

This November, it will be our turn to resist the passing of trade deals that threaten the environment and the working class as Obama pushes a Lame Duck Congress to pass the TPP. We will be hosting an action camp in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 13 followed by actions from Nov. 14-17. Once Congress leaves DC for the holiday break, we will be putting pressure on their home turf with local actions across the country. The first action of the #NoLameDuckUprising will be on November 14th:


The Torch and Pitchfork March to Flush the TPP.
Share the event with all of your friends and families,
we need as many people as we can to join the rebellion.

Don’t forget to register for the resistance as soon as you can:

Register now to join the #NoLameDuckUprising! And join our weekly TPP Resistance Call this Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST. Click here to register for the call.

Please support the resistance in any way you can by sharing this email, spreading the word through social media, joining actions, participating in the TPP Resistance call and making a donation. 

Click here to donate. All donations of $25 or more will receive a Flush the TPP t-shirt. Thank you!

Unite for Global Justice,
FlushTheTPP Team

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