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How the US systematically destroyed Haiti’s rice farmers by forcing cheap rice imports on the Haitian economy.

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Haiti’s hunger crisis is no accident – it is the direct result of US economic policies imposed on rural Haiti beginning in the 1980s. The story of how the US undermined Haiti’s domestic rice industry explains why a nation of farmers can no longer feed itself.

 by Leslie Mullin 

We are all living under a system so corrupt that to ask for a plate of rice and beans every day for every man, woman and child is to preach revolution – Jean Bertrand Aristide, Dignity 1990.

The basic right to eat is at the very heart of Haiti’s struggle for democracy.  Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the radical voice of Haiti’s poor, aptly characterized slavery when he wrote, “The role of slaves was to harvest coconuts, and the role of colonists was to eat the coconuts.” (1) To Aristide, those who have food and those who don’t marks the vast chasm…

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  1. Truly a disgrace! But what this hellhole does to other nations should not be surprising given the fact that there has never been one iota of decency, mercy, humanitarianism or ethics displayed towards any nation by this one. There has only been wars, coups, pillaging, rape, genocide and devastation leveled at any country or nation this one has ever even glanced at. Poor Haiti, indeed!

  2. That’s for sure, Shelby. People are going to come to associate the word “democracy” with American barbarity and refuse to have any part of it. Thanks for commenting.

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