Class Action Suits Against Monsanto Mount as American Farmers Lose Millions of Acres of Crops

Posted: September 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Already, some 3 million acres of American farmland has been impacted by the misuse of dicamba. The herbicide is intended to prevent the spread of weeds by having farmers use genetically-engineered dicamba-resistant seeds which allow the chemical to be applied in mass to large areas of farmland.

News For The Blind
By Alex Pietrowski

A growing amount of anger and outrage against Monsanto has culminated in a number class action lawsuitsbeing filed against the agrochemcial giant. At issue now are the devastating effects of dicamba, a potent herbicide formulated for genetically modified seed. The product has a tendency to drift onto neighboring crops after being applied to GM crops, destroying millions of acres of productive farmland.

Complaints of misuse of dicamba are growing swiftly in at least 21 U.S. states, and there have been thousands of complaints in Arkansas alone, which has prompted a state ban on the use of dicamba. The state of Missouri has also banned the use of dicamba in 2017.

Dicamba is a highly volatile herbicide with a propensity to move onto offsite locations, reducing other farmers’ yields. Farmers in Arkansas and other states are now filing lawsuits seeking compensation for losses caused by dicamba.”…

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    • Futuret, I find the massive opioid epidemic in the US highly troubling. When you see this kind of surge in drug use, you have to wonder if the street price of certain drugs has gone way down – possibly related to the success of Afghanistan’s opium trade.

  1. We should all be in a class action lawsuit especially seeing as how once that toxin is put down, it does not just stay in one place. We are being systematically eradicated by our government via Monsanto since our government is well aware of the danger that Monsanto poses to U.S.

  2. Good idea, Shelby. I will try to track down how people can join the suit. Thanks for your comment.

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