The Fascinating Connections Between Gut Bacteria, Weight And Mood

Posted: July 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

New studies look at link between unhealthy gut bacteria, weight gain and mood changes.

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From the research these days, it seems like there’s not much our gut bacteria don’t do. From affecting our risk for cancer to lengthening or shortening our lifespans to influencing our mental health, it feels like we’re quite at the mercy of the tiny organisms in our guts. The connection between gut bacteria and weight is one of the easier ones to conceptualize—and it goes both ways: What we eat affects the makeup of our microbiomes, and their makeup affects how we process food (and maybe even what we crave), and our weight. Two new studies look at this connection more closely: One finds that the microbiome plays a role in the effects that fatty foods will have. The other suggests that interrupting how gut bacteria processes food may go a long way toward addressing obesity.

In the first study, the team from Imperial College London wanted to look into the…

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  1. They now are giving gut bacteria transplants to people whose guts are in such dire straits that their health is being compromised. Too much anti-biotics, medication and sugars.

  2. I have had one of those transplants – I went to see Dr Borody in Sydney in 2012 and he gave a protocol to do it at home with a local donor.

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